Transitioning the Business Model During a Global Pandemic: A New Normal

February 11, 2021


When the coronavirus pandemic hit in early 2020, organizations across the world were challenged to transition into a new way of doing business. The Centers of Disease Control (CDC), federal, state and local agencies issued many protective measures over the course of the year. Organizations were challenged with staying in compliance with ever-changing guidelines, while ensuring the safety of their employees and maintaining the productivity and profitability of their businesses

The Larkin Company (Larkin)
was no exception.
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Tackling an Unprecedented Drastic Change in the The Larkin Company’s Business Model

As we closely monitored the ever-changing, global crisis we explored many options and took a measured, yet proactive approach. There was no time to waste! Very quickly, we decided to execute a fully remote workplace as discussions of ‘shelter in place’ and ‘social distancing’ guidelines were being discussed at state and federal levels. We were preparing for the drastic turn that would soon change our everyday functions.

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Internal Experiences

While this transition to remote work changed the everyday work experience, the Larkin family found alternative ways to upkeep our sense of community.

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What Wasn’t Working for Us?

But, of course, this huge transition came with its own set of challenges for our employees. Our three biggest challenges are that employees miss seeing their coworkers, have general anxiety about the Covid-19 crisis, and have issues with internet connectivity. Other challenges include limited workspaces at home, too many distractions at home, and there are general technological difficulties.

  • I miss being with my coworkers 80% 80%
  • General anxiety about the impact of coronavirus on my life 63% 63%
  • Internet connectivity 57% 57%
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External Client Experiences

As the transition to remote work changed our internal work experiences, we remain determined to ensure that our clients and their employees do not experience changes in the quality of our services. Overall, the feedback we received from clients and their employees suggest that we are still providing excellent service. In fact, we have seen a climb in feedback scores!

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What’s Next?


We recognize that, in reality, no business is perfect. It’s also a pandemic! We are all experiencing this drastic shift in our lives and are learning along the way, together, with our people, our clients and their employees. The year 2020 has been a learning experience, to say the least!


Although the future remains undetermined at this time for many companies, we are actively developing our own plan for a return to the office, when it is safe to do so.

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