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New York

New York has had a long-standing disability benefit (that has not changed for many years) and rolled out their Paid Family Leave (PFL) program in 2018.

Leave administrator working with client

New York Paid Family Leave (PFL) benefits

What is the Update?

In 2022, employees can still receive up to 67% of their average weekly wage for 12 weeks. The maximum weekly benefit, however, increased to $1,068.36 (previously $971.61).

The employee contribution rate remains at 0.511% in 2022(the same as 2021). However, the state average weekly wage was updated in 2021 to $1,594.57 which makes the taxable wage ceiling for PFL $82,917.64.  As a result, the maximum contribution per employee in 2022 has increased from $385.34 to $423.71.

Further, effective next year in 2023, the PFL program will allow employees to take paid leave to care for a sibling. The definition of “siblings” is defined as a biological or adopted sibling, a half sibling or stepsibling.

Handbook/Policy Updates

It is required that PFL information be included in your handbook. Therefore, we recommend you update your handbook with the changes in benefit rate and the maximum contribution per employee in 2022.

In Q4 2022, we recommend updating your handbook for 2023 to include “sibling” as a family member under the PFL program. The Larkin Company will provide a reminder concerning this action item (e.g., via our newsletter).

Notice Requirements

Larkin Action

The Larkin Company has updated our leave packets to include the 2022 updates.

Further Company Considerations 

We recommend you confirm with your payroll team that they have updated your payroll system to collect the increased employee contributions which may result from the higher taxable wage ceiling in 2022. 

Ensure you are offsetting any salary continuation/company top-up pay aligned with the new benefit rate maximum, where applicable.  The Larkin Company will adjust offsets for any top-up (leave of absence pay) calculations, accordingly, if we handle these services for you.   

*Reminder: claims that start in 2021 will be awarded 2021 benefit rates. Claims that begin on or after January 1, 2022, will be eligible for the new maximum benefit rate. Exception: employees may be eligible for the increased maximum benefit rate if they experience a new qualifying event or if more than three months have passed since the last day of leave from their original Paid Family Leave claim.

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