The Massachusetts’ Paid Family and Medical Leave (PFML) has been live since January 1, 2021.

Massachusetts Paid Family Medical Leave (PFML)

What is the Update?

Effective January 2022, the benefit rate for MA PFML increased from $850 per week to $1,084.31 per week and the contribution rate decreased from .75% to .68%. If you have 25 or more MA employees, you are responsible for making employer contributions. If you have fewer than 25 covered MA employees, you do not need to make employer contributions.

Handbook/Policy Updates

Larkin recommends (though it’s not legally required) to update your handbook. 

Notice Requirements

In MA, there is a required notice (see “Notifying Massachusetts W-2 employees” at the below link) that must be provided to new hires (including contractors) within 30 days of employment.  Signed acknowledgement of receipt or refusal from the employee must be retained. There is also a separate poster, that must be displayed in your workplace (see “Workplace poster” at the same link below).

2022 Workplace Notifications (English)

Larkin Action

The Larkin Company has updated our leave packets to include the 2022 updates.

Further Company Considerations 

Ensure you are offsetting any salary continuation/company top-up pay aligned with the new benefit rate maximum, where applicable.  The Larkin Company will adjust offsets for any top-up (leave of absence pay) calculations or STD, accordingly, if we handle these services for you.

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