Larkin goes to work for on-leave employees.

You work hard to care for others. We work hard for you.

Our dedicated teams have strong beliefs.

Join our team of Leave/Disability experts who are making a real difference in the lives of employees on-leave and those returning to work.

We'll Always Think Like a Small Company

Because we started small, we believe each employee plays a part in our success.

We’re a Collaborative Team of Individuals

Everyone at Larkin contributes their own unique abilities, interests and strengths to the whole.

We Are Compassionate and Empathetic

We work to be flexible as we provide expert support and the best service possible.

The inside scoop on what it’s like to work here.

Allison Carolan photo

Allison Carolan


“I feel so thankful to be surrounded by people I truly enjoy. The caliber of people here is incredible and it helps bring out the best in everyone. Hard work does not go unnoticed or unappreciated. I always feel supported.”

frank ruskus photo

Frank Ruskus


“It’s refreshing to work at a company that listens to and invests in employees. Larkin allows me to grow with the support of a caring, focused and knowledgeable group of coworkers.”

jessica gomeztagle photo

Jessica GomezTagle


“It’s a humbling experience to work here. We assist amazing employees through some of the hardest and most exciting time of their lives, while working alongside what feels like family.”

garrett marston photo

Garrett Marston


“Employees get the opportunity to really make a difference every day. Larkin goes above and beyond with everything they touch—by taking the time to make sure employees’ and clients’ needs are being satisfied. Working here’s been a dream come true. I’m very happy to be a part of the Larkin Family!”

xanath jimenez photo

Xanath Jimenez


“The support given and genuine interest to help others both within and outside the company adds to the positive work environment. You know others are rooting for you to succeed, which makes Larkin a great place to work!”

agnes pierce photo

Agnes Pierce


“This company values its employees as much as it values our clients. It’s very generous to employees, strives for the gold standard service, and encourages everyone to give back to the community.  We all work well individually and smoothly as a team. That all means a lot!”