Larkin Services

Partner with us for customized Leave/Disability Services that help on-leave and disabled employees return to work feeling seen, heard, and valued.

Leaves of absence administration and pay

Our high-touch, one-to-one service means your employees have a single point of contact that keeps them informed every step of the way.

To meet your company’s unique needs, Larkin crafts your leave administration programs for all federal, state, and company leaves; offering LOA pay calculations so paying employees is easy and follows your own pay policies.

Short-term disability administration

Provide employees with the best, possible benefits through custom-designed and self-insured disability income programs.

We design and administer California Voluntary Plans, New York DBL/PFL Plans, and nationwide Self-Insured Short-Term Disability Plans. Explore the advantages of partnering with our specialists to create your company’s own custom short-term disability income replacement program.

Our committed team of experts keeps everyone up-to-date and up-to-speed.

Partner with us for truly custom Leave/Disability Services that help on-leave and disabled employees return to work happy.

ADA compliance and accommodations management

Some employees require unique accommodation in the workplace. We help manage and identify their needs.

We’ll support you in fulfilling the needs of your employees, helping them get back to work, and keeping you in compliance through accommodations management and documented discussion processes.

Eldercare services

Many of your employees are likely caring for an older adult. We help them calmly navigate balancing work with their care.

Eldercare services are a growing need. According to AARP, 20% of employees care for an older adult. Our innovative digital experience, backed by caring humans, allows employees to quickly find caregiving help, resources to pay for long-term care, or assistance with legal, medical or insurance documents.

Partner with Larkin

Timely, customized solutions

Larkin tailors, builds, and launches your customized company program within 60-90 days.
A single point of contact
Each employee gets their own Larkin Admin who gets to know them personally.
Self-service flexibility
We’re here to provide individual support or help you explore our self-service online portal.