August 2, 2023

Give the time your employees need without worry and stress.

Do you remember the last time you took a leave of absence? If you’re not partnered with Larkin, then you may recall having a difficult time navigating the leave and disability benefits process. You probably got stuck in complex phone systems and most likely worked with more than one representative. Understanding your pay during that time was perhaps another challenge. Well, we’re here to tell you that you’re not alone. In fact, most employees struggle to take their leave and utilize the benefits offered because navigating the process is perceived as overwhelming and uncomfortable.

The Larkin Company is here to change that experience. We take great pride in connecting with employees on a personal level, listening, and showing continued awareness and empathy toward their stories and current circumstances. It’s important to us to be genuinely present for employees during some of their happiest or most difficult times in life, making them feel seen, heard, and cared for while ensuring their leave and disability processes go smoothly. This way, employees can take the time they need without added stress or worry and be present in the moments that matter.

Here are a few ways we ensure your employees will always have a stress-free and smooth leave and disability benefits process:

Your employee’s personal administrator will guide them through the entire process.

That’s right, your employees will have a dedicated administrator to walk them through the entire process. From the first phone call, the administrator will get to know the employee personally, hearing their story and concerns and assuring them that they will be there for them throughout the entire process. They’ll review each step, all the paperwork, deadlines, pay information, and answer all your employee’s questions. Our administrators will also check in with the employee with reminders for deadlines to ensure your employee’s leave and pay are processed on time.

Your employees will always have access to their information and documents.

At Larkin, your employees will have access to all their documents and essential information 24/7 through our online portal and mobile app. Employees can view information related to their leave, claim, and even their upcoming and previous pay statements. And, of course, during business hours, their administrator is always just an email or phone call away to assist them when they need it. Your employees will never be left in the dark and will always be in the know.

Your employees will never have to do the heavy lifting.

We understand it can be overwhelming when you have to communicate with multiple parties regarding your leave and disability benefits during life’s important events. That’s why, with Larkin, your employees won’t have to.

Whether it’s processing your employees’ leave and/or disability benefits, your employees will never have to go outside of Larkin for this. Their personal administrator will ensure their leave and disability benefits are processed accurately and on time. All the employee needs to do is provide the appropriate documentation from their healthcare provider, and Larkin will work closely with them to handle the rest!

But it doesn’t stop there, your employee’s administrator will also communicate with your team to ensure they are continuously updated with the status of the employee’s leave and disability until the employee returns to work. This way, your employee communicates with just one person throughout their leave process, allowing them to focus on what’s more important – their health, caring for their loved ones, or welcoming new additions to their families.

My most memorable experience was an employee taking maternity leave. She always had so many questions and called me quite a bit, and she was such a fun personality to work with. After she had her baby, she emailed me pictures of her baby and even sent me some a few months after she returned to work, long after I’d closed her leave file, just to share how much her baby had grown! Working with her was so enjoyable. It’s the best part of my job: simply being there for people, whether they’re going through a good time or bad, learning their stories and forming those bonds.


At Larkin, we strive to be present for your employees every step of the way – to guide, support, and care for them. We understand when significant life events happen, the last thing anyone should worry about is what document to complete, who to call, or how they will get paid. Larkin is here to help employees easily navigate those responsibilities to be present where they need to be.


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