September 7, 2023

Partner with Larkin to truly show you care

“Let me connect you to our disability claims department, who can further assist you here.”

We all know the feeling — we manage to break through an automated phone system and finally reach a human being. We explained our situation only to be met with the response, “Let me connect you to XYZ; someone there will be able to assist you.”

We then find ourselves being shuttled between one robotic and transactional customer service representative to another. We’re engaged in a series of calls where we encounter a different person every time, forcing us to recount our story with every single call until every aspect of our leave, encompassing the leave itself, claims, payment, and any other associated benefits, is fully addressed.

And, of course, because we’re only human, it’s hard to ensure every detail of your situation is communicated with each different representative. This can result in notable errors, miscommunications, and misunderstandings, leaving you feeling frustrated and alone.

Offer focused attention

With Larkin, you’re giving your employees an all-in-one administrator trained to deliver a one-to-one, high-touch leave experience built on a trusted human connection. This means one person will guide them through the entire leave, claims, and company-specific benefit process—eliminating the confusion and frustration that can often happen when dealing with multiple representatives across various departments.

By offering a single point of contact, we simplify the process, making it both straightforward and hassle-free. Our dedicated administrators will always be there to assist your employees whenever and wherever they need help. They will stay up to date on your employee’s status, deadlines, reminders, tasks, requirements, and communications.

This approach puts your employees’ well-being at the forefront, ensuring they don’t experience any additional worry or stress during the sometimes challenging or pivotal life events they’re also navigating during this time.

Take advantage of strategic tools and training

To offer the best support to your employees, our expert administrators undergo a comprehensive training program. This equips them with an in-depth understanding of your company’s policies and procedures as they apply to leave, claims, and the benefits landscape. After the initial training program is complete, our admins continue to receive ongoing training and coaching on new processes, technology, and state and federal regulations changes to provide the most up-to-date information to your employees and ensure that your company remains compliant.

Moreover, our internal team structure is designed to provide ample support and guidance to each administrator, and we strive to continuously help our admins develop and build their skillset so your employees consistently receive the gold-standard experience promised by Larkin.

Our available tools and technology are designed to streamline and automate tasks for our admins and your employees to further ensure accuracy and timeliness.

Our workload management algorithm ensures optimal matching between Program Administrators and employees, taking into account their workload and skillset. This approach is designed to deliver the highest quality employee experience for the requested leave type.

Our mobile app and employee portal help your employees stay on top of important deadlines by automating reminders and messages through in-app and email notifications. On the admin side, our system serves as an auditing tool, reviewing every leave and claim on a daily basis. It proactively identifies and highlights potential risks to the administrator while simultaneously providing educational support through links to a comprehensive knowledge base.

The tools and technology we employ help everyone stay on top of tasks, meet important deadlines, and make sure your employees receive accurate information every single time, giving you peace of mind that everything is taken care of.

Get the best of both worlds

While technology is great, it doesn’t replace the connection you get working with a real, empathetic human. Partnering with Larkin gives you and your employees the best of both. You and your team get the ease and efficiency you need that comes with our strategic use of technology, and your employees get the calm comfort of trusted support they need that can only come from one-to-one human interaction.

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