December 7, 2023

Faster, Easier Workday Integration with Larkin

With Larkin, Workday just…works

We both know the value of streamlining HR processes and improving employee experiences. This is why The Larkin Company offers seamless Workday integration, fully onboarding your clients four times faster than any of our competitors.

More than just technological integration, it’s about fundamentally transforming the operational efficiency of HR teams. By recommending Larkin, you’re advocating for a change that makes HR processes more efficient and effective—freeing up time for teams to focus on more impactful organizational initiatives.

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With Larkin’s Workday integration, your clients benefit from:

Automated workflows with no manual data entry

On-time, accurate payroll every time

Reduced burden on HR teams

  Fast, seamless integration in 3 months

“The implementation process was incredibly smooth and we actually finished early. It is saving many hours of manual work on our end so we can focus on more strategic work.”

— Larkin customer testimonial

Curious about how else Larkin can elevate your clients’ HR teams and benefit their employees? Discover more about our unique approach and the advantages we offer. Learn more here.

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