April 26, 2022

Introducing a New Eldercare Service and a Brand-New Office Location!

The Larkin Company is proud to announce two new additions to our business! We are extending our services to provide eldercare support and are excited to announce a brand-new office location.


Larkin Offers a New Eldercare Navigation Service

The Larkin Company is partnering with Ways and Wane to provide eldercare support for our clients and their employees. With The Larkin Company’s Gold Standard approach, we aim to better equip employees to navigate major life events related to eldercare. This new service will sustain employees before, after or during a leave of absence to care for an elder family member. Employees can receive this support without having to take time away from work. It is a natural extension to the Family Leave benefit.


“If we can support employees caring for an older adult even before they reach a work/life crisis and take a family leave, then it serves both the family and the employer.”  

-CEO Jack Larkin



Investing in eldercare services with Ways and Wane has allowed The Larkin Company to add to their extensive list of services already provided. The innovative high-tech and high-touch experience allows employees to quickly find:

  • more help, from housing to in-home care
  • resources to pay for long-term care
  • assistance with legal, medical or insurance documents

This new service will serve employees struggling to balance caregiving and work obligations while caring for an elder family member. The Larkin Company is excited to continue to provide the same personalized, high-touch experience. To find more details about the new Larkin eldercare services, check out our press release here: Learn More


Brand-new Office Location: Atlanta, Georgia

We are also proud to announce a brand new, additional office location in Atlanta, Georgia! This extension of our workforce is a prime example of the Larkin Family’s strength to strive and grow during turbulent times as we navigated the 2020 pandemic.

This development is key in expanding our business and services, as well as, in aiding with unforeseen crises (for example: natural disasters, rolling power outages, pandemic, etc.) to continue to provide the best, Gold Standard service we aim to provide to our clients and their employees. As such, it was important that we have a workforce on the East Coast, as well. We are excited and thankful to work with our East Coast team members to continue the success of our company.

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